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Ethernet Networking Basics - Ethernet 101
After attending this Industrial Ethernet basics course, the student should be familiar with the basics of Ethernet networks, including the ability to design and install a simple plant Ethernet network. An optional hands-on termination lab is offered to allow students to practice some of the skills taught.
Classroom Session

How IT Works

  • Defining the terms we’ll use
  • Ethernet Historical Overview
  • CSMA/CD – Rules for Harmonious Communication
  • OSI Model: 7 Layers that simplify network communications
  • Encapsulation from data to the frame
  • Addressing
  • MAC - The physical address and its secrets
  • IP Addresses and Subnetting in brief
  • Means of Delivery – Moving data across the LAN

Hardware – the Building Blocks of a Network

  • Transceiver - a collision watchman
  • Hub – is there an echo in here?
  • Switch – a device with a little intelligence
  • Router – a mover and shaker

Network Media – Tying the blocks together

  • Interconnecting areas within Plant
  • Twisted Pair Media, Connectors & Termination
  • Fiber Optic Media, Connectors& Termination
  • Wireless the “Virtual” Media
  • Twisted Pair Tools and Terminations
  • Fiber Optic Tools and Terminations

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