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Ethernet Networking Basics Training

Ethernet 101
After attending this Industrial Ethernet basics course, the student should be familiar with the basics of Ethernet networks, including the ability to design and install a simple plant Ethernet network. An optional hands-on termination lab is offered to allow students to practice some of the skills taught.
Classroom Session

How IT Works

  • Defining the terms we’ll use
  • Ethernet Historical Overview
  • CSMA/CD – Rules for Harmonious Communication
  • OSI Model: 7 Layers that simplify network communications
  • Encapsulation from data to the frame
  • Addressing
  • MAC - The physical address and its secrets
  • IP Addresses and Subnetting in brief
  • Means of Delivery – Moving data across the LAN

Hardware – the Building Blocks of a Network

  • Transceiver - a collision watchman
  • Hub – is there an echo in here?
  • Switch – a device with a little intelligence
  • Router – a mover and shaker

Network Media – Tying the blocks together

  • Interconnecting areas within Plant
  • Twisted Pair Media, Connectors & Termination
  • Fiber Optic Media, Connectors& Termination
  • Wireless the “Virtual” Media
  • Twisted Pair Tools and Terminations
  • Fiber Optic Tools and Terminations

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